Is Pete Davidson Married & Who Is His Girlfriend?

17 March 2021, 10:36

Pete Davidson 'getting all his tattoos removed'
Pete Davidson 'getting all his tattoos removed'. Picture: Getty Images

Pete Davidson's 2020 continues to prove he's a hugely successful comedian and 'Saturday Night Live' cast member, so, who is he seeing right now and why is he getting rid of all his tattoos?

Pete Davidson has hit headlines as rumours circulate he is married- so what is actually going on?

Pete, 27, was the topic on everyone's lips when a false press release circulated, stating he had married a 'childhood friend' in secret and was starting a production company with them.

However, it quickly emerged the whole thing was fabricated and now, Pete's team are even looking at taking legal action.

A spokesperson said: "The press release being circulated this morning about Pete Davidson is completely false".

"Not a word of it is true. Mr. Davidson has no idea who this person is. We are investigating and considering all legal and equitable remedies."

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So, let's catch up with what Pete has been up to recently...

Why is Pete Davidson getting rid of his tattoos?

Pete Davidson is getting all of his tattoos 'burned off'
Pete Davidson is getting all of his tattoos 'burned off'. Picture: Splash News

Pete declared he is lazering off his tattoos because he's said to be sick of having to sit in a make-up chair for 3-4 hours at a time for any role he needs them covered up for, which we're guessing is most of them!

As most fans will know, both Pete and Ariana Grande got multiple inks for each other during their relationship, so many are wondering if her recent engagement has anything to do with this- but it is strictly for movie purposes!

When partaking in a recent Zoom Q&A about his latest film, The King of Staten Island, Pete dropped the bombshell he was in the process of having his inks removed- revealing his newly de-inked hand as proof!

He is known for being covered in different meaningful tattoos, from Harry Potter references to cartoons- the comedian had a tattoo saying 'mille tendresse,' which is French for 'a thousand tendernesses' - a copy of one of Ariana's from when they were together.

He also had her Dangerous Woman bunny inked behind his ear at one point, but was quick to cover it up following their split.

What does Pete Davidson do and is he in anything new?

The New York native comedian is a staple member of the Saturday Night Live cast and most recently had Call Me By Your Name heartthrob Timotheé Chalamet join forces with him for a hilarious sketch where they played modern day rappers.

Pete's film The King of Staten Island we mentioned earlier dropped on Netflix in 2020, which he both helped to write, starred in and is a semi-autobiographical account of his life.

If you haven't seen it we highly recommend it as it's a hugely heartwarming watch, directed by the infamous Judd Apatow and you can learn so much about Pete's rollercoaster journey growing up including the death of his father in 9/11.

Who is Pete Davidson's girlfriend or is he single?

Kaia Gerber and Pete Davidson dated from late 2019- early 2020
Kaia Gerber and Pete Davidson dated from late 2019- early 2020. Picture: Getty

We all know his enormously high profile relationship and engagement to Ariana Grande, but as the 'Positions' singer announces she's engaged to Dalton Gomez, who is Pete currently with?

Pete and Ariana split in 2018, so, really this is old news and he has since dated supermodel Kaia Gerber, although the pair split in January 2020.

He told Charlamagne Tha God they are on good terms following their break-up which was to allow him to sort out his 'issues'.

Pete said: "I’m f***ing going through a lot, and it was before I was going to rehab."

"She shouldn’t have to worry about some dude that just has issues, she should be enjoying her work and all that other s**t."

Since Kaia, he hasn't publicly dated anyone, which isn't so surprising given the current pandemic- but it's just good to know Pete is happy and healthy!

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